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#1 2016-05-30 11:20:06

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Mouse clicks triggered on resume from laptop suspend

Hey y'all -- I'm having a minor problem on my laptop (I'm using Xubuntu 16.05) when it resumes from suspend. It appears that the mouse buttons are being triggered. Specifically, the menu to switch workspaces pops up (that matches my middle mouse button), and the "desktop select" box seems to be enabled (it's as if my left button is being held down). That last bit is a little hard to describe; in other words, when I move my mouse around with no buttons being held, I see a box being dragged around the screen, as if I'm trying to select items on my desktop by holding down a mouse button.

This can be cleared up by clicking randomly around the desktop to clear everything up, but I've got to do this every time I resume from suspend. Any thoughts?


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