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#1 2016-10-25 16:47:08

From: London
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Compton Shadow / Blur and special windows.

Good afternoon everybody,

I recently switched to Compton to enjoy vsync on Intel (I'm happy with it).
However there are a few things that I would like to correct, but I don't know how to do it.

1) Screenshot Region Bug

When you use the Screenshot utility using the "Select a Region" option, the tool probably creates a big window accross the entire screen. This is fine if there is no shadow behind that window, but Compton puts a shadow and blur, so the screenshot is all messed up.
I tried to "Pick" the window to find it's class / title, but as soon as you click, the window disapears (This is by design).
Do you think there is a way to exclude that particular window from Compton shadowing / blurring?

2) Indicator Plugin Popups

Somehow, those popups are treated differently by the compositor than any other window, and the shadow radius is way larger. Is there a way to correct this bug and have those consistent with the rest?

Thank you for your help!


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