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#1 2010-09-07 06:14:35

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xfce-brightness-plugin broken...

okay my first post...i hope this is the correct sub forum for my issue i would like to bring up...

so i saw this with like 2.6.33 kernel and forward....that xfce-brightness-plugin was broken on the latest release of power mangement...at least for my hp dv7 laptop...now is there something i need to make sure i have enabled in kernel???  and i was wondering if there is something that you guys need to address to patch it for newer kernels??? i am right now running 2.6.35 gentoo-source kernel...

i am running gentoo ~amd64 build (~amd64 = unstable releases for amd64 build)  i use ~amd64 to keep up on bleeding edge packages as soon as they are updated in portage i will update them....i mostly do this to gain better understanding about linux and be a front runner for package testing....since i find myself having to fix my system at least 5-10 times a month with broken packages...or unstable events happening...keeps me on my toes...lol ;D


i have a hd3200 ati embedded card....and a turion x2 amd cpu runnning at 2.8ghz


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