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#1 2012-03-02 22:15:21

Wroger Wroger
Registered: 2012-03-02
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Transferring system files - or Transplanting system files

Mr Genius here... had mix up of CD / DVD disks when doing a fast install and back up off a warranty job hard drive.... (mine)

I got the older version ???? of Xubuntu ???? without the LVM full disk encryption.... BUT I did make up a pretty fantastic system - downloaded a heap of software set it all up - works brilliantly.

Trouble is I now have a system without full disk encryption - and I'd like to use another disk to set up as a fully encrypted disk - with the basic installation off the CD / DVD and then transfer all the "downloaded goodies" being several hundred programs to do with education, science, audio engineering, electronics etc..

Is there a way to copy out a particular folder from that has all the "software" in it ???? from one hard drive normal XFCE installation, to another hard drive with the encrypted LVM, to save the hours of writing lists, downloading and all that?

What are the folders that need to be copied, and any info on transplant techniques, so that the disk with LVM can just start up and run XFCE with all the software that the plain XFCE disk had?


#2 2012-03-12 00:31:21

From: Liverpool, UK
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Re: Transferring system files - or Transplanting system files

The third post in this thread gives instruction for replicating a debian based install - which should be the same for Xubuntu. You will also have to copy over your Home folder (including all the hidden files) if you want to preserve your user settings.

BTW - don't use the method described if you are changing distros - even between debian based ones - that will break things because similar packages will be named differently.

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