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#1 2007-11-04 16:27:35

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XFCE on Apple iBook. Need Help!

A friend gave me an iBook with XFCE installed.The problem is that I never used Apple computers but also never used Linux!
So I have a few questions.

1- Is there an "My Computer" place or folder where I can see what CPU,RAM etc do I have?

2- Is there any "Add/Remove Programs"? (How do I unistall a program?)

3- How do I Right click on Apple iBook?There is only one button on the touchpad of the notebook!

4-I tried to listen music with VLC but although the mp3 was playing I couldn't hear it.I know the speakers work because when I open the computer I can hear a sound.Where can I see or setup audio?


#2 2007-11-18 13:38:53

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Re: XFCE on Apple iBook. Need Help!

1. No: use top inside a terminal.
2. Ask on the distribution forum
3. Buy another mouse
4. Also distro question, but you could try to run alsamixer in a terminal.


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