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#1 2007-12-14 04:39:54

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fileopen dialog pathfilename widget

I assume that the fileopen dialog (most of) my desktop apps use is
provided by xfce.  If this is the case...

    is there any way to get the pathfilename widget to be the old standard
    text based widget, that can be manually written to, and can be
    selected/copied/pasted_to?  I hate those stupid pathfilename button
    widgets... next to useless.  Thunar allows you to choose which widget
    to use.

    additionally, it would I'd love to see more fuctionality in the fileopen

        the ability to create folders, delete folders and files.



#2 2007-12-15 12:43:45

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Re: fileopen dialog pathfilename widget

It provided by Gtk+, not Xfce. You can access the patch entry by pressing Ctrl+L. The extra functions depends on the dialog type, defined by the application. Save dialogs have a "create folder" button. Open file dialogs not (why would you want a create folder button?).

Creating files and deleting stuff is not part of such a dialog, but for a file manager. Since it's not connected to thunar in any way, it cannot use a trash etc. Might appear in the feature, but that should be done by gtk, not Xfce.


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