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#1 2012-08-21 00:36:51

Akdor 1154
Registered: 2012-08-21
Posts: 2

Use XFCE Menu without Panel being open

Trying to use bits of XFCE with Awesome; so I'm using the Awesome bar and trying to remove the need for xfce4-panel. Problem is, if I make an item to run for the xfce menu in Awesome by

xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu --pointer

I get

Failed to send D-Bus message
No running instance of xfce4-panel was found

Is there any way to use the XFCE menu without the Panel?



#2 2012-09-24 18:48:53

From: New Zealand
Registered: 2011-11-22
Posts: 12

Re: Use XFCE Menu without Panel being open

Hi Jarrad.

I haven't used Awesome, so I'm not sure I understand the problem. But I assume right-clicking on the desktop to bring up the menu doesn't work. If it doesn't, a workaround might be to use the Xfce Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder) and bind it to, say, the Windows key (if it is not so bound already). In its extended form, the Application Finder acts just like a menu.

Does that help? One of the reasons I like Xfce is that it gives me so many options.



#3 2012-09-24 19:30:24

black veils
From: UK
Registered: 2012-07-19
Posts: 10

Re: Use XFCE Menu without Panel being open

i dont understand your post, but to answer the question of how to use the menu without the panel, its a cheat really...

1. you would use the panel, make it small and uncheck "automatically increase the length".

2. set background as a colour, then set alpha to 0 to make it invisible.

3. then add the application menu to the invisible panel, assign an icon and remove the label.

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