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#1 2013-11-25 14:15:11

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Mouse trouble

Hello all

As marked in the title, I've some trouble with my mouse (logitech G500). The troubles were erratic clickings like:
- need to make numerous click to open a windows (this one open but close immediatly)
- difficulty to move a window, pointer don't move this one
- bad selecting of a icon

So I've tried to do some settings in mouse and touchpad menu, I've fund in the scrolling menu twice G500. Since I've tried to test the difference between these 2 G500, my pointer now don't move anyway.
Unplug/plug it do nothing.
Now, I'm using a old logitech mouse usb/ps2 who works fine. this G500 seems to be the origin of my display problem. does My G500 is dead or it's a configuration problem?
I'm running xfce 4.10 on a debian sid.

Thx for help


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