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#101 2013-12-03 03:21:48

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Re: Screenshots - 2013

Some very nice screens here - a tribute to Xfce's configurability and member creativity.

Arch + Xfce
Faenza icons
Bluebird Shimmer theme
(+ conky for music now playing)




#102 2013-12-10 06:39:34

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Re: Screenshots - 2013

I'm new to Xfce. Running Xubuntu 13.10 out of the box and tweaked it a bit to resemble my old Gnome 2 desktop.

Update: Forgot to say. Absolutely loving Xfce!! Since the dreadful Gnome 3 release and the disaster that is Unity I have been stuck with an Ubuntu 11.04 desktop as a work station. I tried Xfce before but I never fancied it much but since the 4 release I assume a lot of improvements have been made. Xubuntu is currently my go to desktop environment "to get stuff done!".

Big thanks to the entire Xfce team!!!


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#103 2013-12-12 18:09:29

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Re: Screenshots - 2013



#104 2013-12-18 19:17:15

From: Florida
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Re: Screenshots - 2013

I've always liked XFCE because it feels (at least to me) like one of the most solid & stable desktops there is. Liked Gnome2 a lot and later Mint, but eventually XFCE really gave me everything that I wanted. Heck, you can even run compiz without a problem ... at least I did until Xubuntu 12.04 at which point I stopped using Compiz altogether (just wanted the extra performance gain). i love the fact that XFCE has total transparency for the panels which enabled me to create my own icons & desktop to look exactly as it pleases me ... LINUX FREEDOM. Was a little confused bout the recent theme configuration addition in the settings manager, but started using it on my panels yesterday. Perfection would be an additional button to revert strictly the panel background transparency if that was used previously ...
I love XFCE. Great work and big thanks to the devs.
(now if Thunar only had the auto music preview, simply by hovering ...
... I wouldn't have to resort to another DE just to have Caja for that instead. That mp3 preview is killer)

October Screenshot:
http://www.linwinux.accesspurple.com/XF … ct2013.png

December Screenshot - Clean:
http://www.linwinux.accesspurple.com/XF … ec2013.png

December Screenshot - Working:
http://www.linwinux.accesspurple.com/XF … c2013b.png


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