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#1 2014-01-12 15:57:07

From: Raleigh NC
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Black Lab Linux 4.2 released

With over 2 months worth of Beta testing we are pleased to announce the gold release of Black Lab Linux 4.2.  We have made a ton of changes to this release and are proud to bring it to you guys.  We hope we do the XFCE community proud.

http://www.blacklablinux.org/2014/01/bl … eased.html

If you guys want a video demonstration we have one on YouTube.


If you would like more information on Black Lab Enterprise Linux you can get that from our website as well.

http://www.pc-opensystems.com/2014/01/b … black.html

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#2 2014-01-15 02:03:24

From: Melbourne, Australia
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Re: Black Lab Linux 4.2 released

I click your link and the first thing i read is
"Black Lab Linux is a custom Linux distribution compatible with Ubuntu and Debian Linux."

...and immediately I am concerned and discouraged because it's an erroneous claim.
You can't be fully compatible with both Ubuntu and Debian. It's one or the other.

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