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#1 2014-02-08 17:19:19

From: Vancouver B.C. Canada
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trying to open xfce4-terminal with a command


I'm trying to get xfce4-terminal to  execute 'cd .' every time it launches.  (Why 'cd .' you ask? Because I don't want to actually change directories, but I do want to execute a command that zsh hooks to the 'cd' command.)  I've tried every combination of  '-x, -H, -e', with and without quotes, via script and calling 'cd' directly, like this:

xfce4-terminal --geometry=90x50 -H --command "cd ."

... or:

xfce4-terminal --geometry=90x50 -H --command "cd"

... and via a script like this:

xfce4-terminal --geometry=90x50 -H --command /aWorking/Zsh/cd-script

The first form gives me an 'Unknown option "." msg.
The second form gives me a 'Failed to execute child ' msg.
The third form brings up a terminal but with no prompt, just a cursor at top right.

The man page, and other posts on this topic, seem like it should be easy, but nothing works.  Any thoughts?

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#2 2014-02-08 20:05:09

From: Canada
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Re: trying to open xfce4-terminal with a command

xfce4-terminal --geometry=90x50 -H --command /aWorking/Zsh/cd-script

I think you're on the right track with this one, but keep mind that "cd ." doesn't really do anything. The -H will keep the window up and you won't see anything. Try adding another command like "echo Test" to the end of your file to see if it displays.

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#3 2014-02-09 00:26:27

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Re: trying to open xfce4-terminal with a command

Could you write a script that accesses a file containing the text "sh" and copies it, then opens a terminal and pastes the contents of the clipboard? I guess that might be a somewhat complicated bit of kludge just to save you the effort of quickly hitting the s key with your left-hand ring finger and then the h key with your left-hand index finger, though, lol.

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