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#1 2014-02-11 18:07:15

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[Thunar] No custom actions in FTP share.

Hi i would really appreciate some help here!

I don't know if it's a bug or i'm doing something wrong.
I'm accessing a FTP share with Thunar by typing ftp://ip-address I can do that without any problems but i notice that none of my custom actions are displayed in the context menu while inside it despite them showing anywhere else.

EDIT: I have indeed checked all the "Appearence conditions" in order to discard that out.

If you need more information on why i need that:

I'm trying to play media files with vlc from a remote password-protected ftp server in order to do so, i've setup a custom action with the following command:
vlc ftp://ftp-user:ftp-password@%f
Does anyone know a better solution?

Thank you!

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#2 2014-03-03 10:59:48

Registered: 2014-02-11
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Re: [Thunar] No custom actions in FTP share.

I still couldn't find a solution to my problem nor anything related.

I would really appreciate it.


#3 2014-03-03 11:14:57

From: Toronto, Canada
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Re: [Thunar] No custom actions in FTP share.

Here is a bug report for a similar issue. Looks like custom actions aren't working for directories mounted in thunar. Perhaps you could add your information to that bug report.


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