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#1 2016-06-15 02:13:26

From: melb.au
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hi all,

from melbourne, australia. been using linux for a few years doing the old trick of playing around with a few different distro's until settling with fedora recently for the longest time. use it on home and work desktops, also work laptop. moved over to xfce4 recently from gnome3 after getting frustrated at it chewing all me resources on my work laptop causing it to get very warm. so far its been pretty good except for a few niggly little things i am slowly getting used to or working out how to change.

so far so good and thought i would have a perv around here to look at how other people are using it such as themes and configuration changes - might even look at delving into gentoo or arch at some stage when i find the time to start playing with it in a vm.

thanks all.

batmans a scientist!


#2 2016-06-15 02:42:07

From: Canada
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Re: hello

Hello and welcome to the forums.


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