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#1 2016-06-25 14:34:31

From: France/Lozère
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trefix : old french n00b

Born in France in 1970, I'm n00b with GNU/Linux & english-writing hmm
I don't want no more keep in using W$ nor Google, so went on Debian (with HandyLinux, french n00bstyle-distro) in early 2015...
I recently bought a brand-new "second-hand" Moto E LTE, built 2016.01.28, first-sold in 2016.05.12, and now I'm looking for a cool open-source GUI/bridge for it, 'cause shell is not my cup of tea, yet... (but I'm learning, slowly, but learning...).
kde-connect needs a lot of dependencies and is "too g33k", with only a few en.pages expalining how to install it on Xfce, so I'm looking for an Xfce-tool...
I must say too I first dropped my Moto E LTE on CyanogenMod-13, without gapps, localization and so on... just CM-13 ans F-droid, from SDcard (downloaded with PC and pushed with adb/fastboot from Jessie-main-repository).
Thank's all.

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#2 2016-06-26 09:56:30

From: Canada
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Re: trefix : old french n00b

Hello and welcome.


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