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#1 2016-07-14 14:05:23

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Hello forum!

Long time (roughly 10 years) Xfce user mostly on Debian, Funtoo, and now MX Linux.

Other than just saying hello, I'd like to thank everyone involved with Xfce for making a such a wonderful DE.

I never really had a need to joing a forum just for Xfce.  Xfce is clean and functional. Everything always worked like a quick and nimble mouse, stayed out of the way, anything out of the ordinary could easily be modified to fit my needs.  If something didn't work it usually wasn't a deal breaker or could be fixed pretty easily.

I have a few things I do want to make posts on soon, as time allows.
Over the next week or so I'll get around to posting a Bountysource or two.  At some point I'll make a straight donation after that.
No promises that I'll be on the forums all the time or often, but plan to show support, and help if and when I can.


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