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#1 2016-11-29 13:20:05

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Thunar time prediction for copy files needs a new algorithm

I understand old methods for predict estimated time are "take actual speed" and forecast it as it is the average one

That is not even good now for partition to partition copies, and even less for net and internet downloads.

So I suggest to change it to one that would predict the time from the average of total copied / downloaded part or even better ones if possible as actual CPUs, even SoCs can make that operations without compromising others and there is no need to sacrifice accuracy in the prediction and save those resources as it was before.

So please, even if I am wrong in the detail of my suggestion, make thunar copy / move / download dialog a better time predictor, and probably all other file managers and "downloaders"  including Steam one will include it as it seems nobody writes their own one.

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