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#1 2016-12-15 06:48:59

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Tail wave from the mid-west

Someone wanna explain what the mid-west is? I mean really, I'm just outside of St Louis, its nearly the center of the country, where's the west come in?

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Any how, fairly new to Linux, at least as far as serious use. Originally I was test running it on an old laptop I had kicking around, Ubuntu which I didn't like so I didn't do much with it, then Mint Cinnamon which I enjoyed more. When my Mac died, I had to use the computer more seriously, so I started playing with distros (LXLE was a bit of a horror story, Puppy had other issues), and eventually landed on Manjaro. I've mostly stayed there, I've poked at other distros on my new computer, but kept coming back mostly do to installer failures (one couldn't see my HD!). That computer now runs a light themed Manjaro Xfce and the other one Manjaro Deepin, but only because I've a new computer on order and don't see a reason to change it at this point. The new one will be getting XFCE when it comes in, though I'll likely run a second file manager because Thunar doesn't sort the way I like, but more on that elsewhere.

Any how, figured while I do have the quite wonderful Mnajaro forum for help and hanging out, it never hurts to come to the Source.

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#2 2016-12-15 11:28:46

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Re: Tail wave from the mid-west

Welcome to the forums!


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