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#1 2017-02-13 04:25:30

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Thunar problems with Samba shares

I've been running Xfce for quite a while, starting with Slackware, then Salix, now mainly Arch Linux, though I do have an active copy of Sparky and also an active Xubuntu. Still my DE of preference.

I recently spent some time tracking problems with Samba shares on an Ubuntu server, not in my normal local network but at another site. While doing this, I ended up with a problem using Thunar to attach to a Samba share on the Ubuntu server, which has escalated to being a problem attaching to any Windows network using Thunar. In each case, I can manually mount the share using "mount -t cifs", so it is not the network layer itself which is broken.

The error I was getting was that the "Windows network" icon would come up, but double clicking on it would result in nothing further. Eventually I would get a time out error:

 Failed to open "/" on ".
Timeout was reached

When I went home, I found that I was not getting the same error on my own home network. I don't use Samba much at home, just keep some active shares on my server for test purposes and for the odd occasions when I have a Windows machine on the network. I found that I was able to access Samba share normally on my own network, but later, I would get an error on the share I had been accessing.

This has now progressed even on my own network to the point where clicking on the Browse Network icon in Thunar does nothing, then eventually returns the same timeout error.

While this has been going on, I've had an upgrade to Thunar - "about" is currently showing "Thunar 1.6.10git-97b3ae5c". That may have been the point at which I lost all access to samba share, not sure..

I've tried creating a new user and trying to access the network from the new user account, but I'm getting exactly the same error. At the same time, I have another, fully updated install of Arch on my laptop which is not having any problems with Thunar and Samba. So I'm fairly sure that my attempts to track the original Ubuntu server related problem has broken something in Thunar. But I have no idea where to look...

I'd really like to fix this, and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to find the source of the problem.


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