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#1 2017-03-20 02:31:25

From: Amarillo, Texas
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Hi. I'm a long time RPM and Deb derivatives guy since the year 2000. I have zero experience with slackware or pacman. Pretty much my whole world of computers has been with the RPM and Deb versions. I'm running Solydx computer, Debian based.

I'm also an old fart. Nearly 64 years old. I live in Texas, born in New Jersey, been to 37 countries.

I use xfce as my preferred DE not because of it is lightweight but because I like the feel. I keep only one panel, at the bottom, stretched all the way across. Looks kinda old school. I'm an end user computer desktop guy who is comfortable with the command line and poking around to fix software issues as long as it's not frustrating.

I use Solydx because it gets me away from Mint and Ubuntu and yet since it had roots in LMDE it's all Mint friendly and stuff. [EDIT ADD] Spoke to soon. I switched distros and am now inside Manjaro!

That's my hello. Sorry I talk too much. I came to the forums looking for a solution today. I will post that in the appropriate forum.

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