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#1 2017-04-18 14:51:54

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multiple sessions active@once or saving/restoring specific workplace?

Hi @all,

at the moment I am using KDE but I am interested in switching to XFCE. I use KDE's activities to start/stop a group of programs to work on different projects, partly on multiple projects in parallel (and of course there are always some programs that are running project agnostic). These program groups might consist of some browser windows with selected URLs, IDEs with needed files already open, file managers showing specific directories and so on - depending on the demands of the projects.

XFCE offers to select between several saved sessions on login - that comes close to the functionality mentioned above. But is it possible (straight forward or with some kind of trick) to have more than one session active at once? And to stop/restart these sessions independently? So I can switch from working on project 2 and 3 to working on project 5 while e.g. E-Mail, Newsreader, RSS feeds and some unrelated browser windows remain open/running?

Alternatively: Does anybody know of software to save/restore the programs/windows running on a specific desktop/workplace? For most of my use cases something like that was sufficient, too. Create new workplace, restore a named set of programs with their opened documents on this workspace - and after work is done, save programs on this workspace for future use and delete/empty the workplace.

Ideas/infos/suggestions are welcome. smile


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