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#1 2017-04-18 22:38:32

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saved session windows move in workspaces on login

Wondering if this is considered to be a bug or not, but on debian wheezy, Japanese environment, when I log in, every now and then saved session windows of various applications move to different workspaces, or just fail to be restored.

The applications I usually leave open are the terminal emulator (xfce's) and file manager (Thunar). But gedit and firefox, if I leave them out, sometimes move as well.

I'm guessing this is a problem in parsing the session save data. Is there a specific log I can check or something?

Or is this just a not-fully-implemented feature I should ignore? That wouldn't really be a problem, either.


#2 2017-04-20 00:02:01

From: Canada
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Re: saved session windows move in workspaces on login

Hello and welcome.

Didn't Debian wheezy use Xfce 4.8? If that's the version you have installed, it is very old. To look for logs, look at your X session log which might be something like ~/.xsession-errors.

You can also run xfce4-session in verbose mode to create an ~/.xfce4-session.verbose.log file. To do so, export the environment variable "XFSM_VERBOSE=true". You can do this by creating an /etc/profile.d/xfce4-session-log.sh file with the following content:

export XFSM_VERBOSE=true

...and logging out and back in again.


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