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#1 2017-05-12 20:35:57

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VNC response problem

There are several posts on this using tightVNC (as I am) and much earlier versions of xfce unning various linux distributions. I am using xfce-4.12_1, xorg-7.7_2, and FreeBSD 10.3. Should have okay hardware: 16GB memory, 3.4GHz Intel i7, 4 cores/8 cpu's. Video card is nothing special (Xeon E3-1200).

I have similar experience. I use vncviewer to connect to a windows XP system. If that window is up, other windows will not start. Following the tip on the xfce wiki, if I set the XP system to have a solid color desktop, then most applications except firefox and thunderbird will start with varying delays. If I minimize the VNC window all queued starts happen immediately.

Given the stability of this problem over a wide variety of platforms and versions of xfce, it would seem to me this is a problem with Xorg. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks for any help.


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