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Unable to put icons/shortcuts on desktop

Sleeping bag suppliers are taking advantage of elevated want outdoors activities by supplying newer mixers suit the requirements of males, furthermore to children. The organization-new line is mainly being fond on your own. A few inside the areas which have been improved are comfort and insulation. Suppliers can also be answering the ecological movement through the use of recycled and recyclable components inside their products.

Sleeping bag suppliers want within the development outdoors by presenting particularly-designed bags for people individuals inherited. With outdoors adventurers now coming several sizes and shapes, sleeping bag suppliers have responded by supplying new mixers suit contentment requirements of males, furthermore to children. Suppliers are most noticeably modifying lines obtaining children event, the nucleus of outdoors participation, these kinds of a elevated want comfort. Numerous companies offer lately recognized the industry's eco movement, through the use of recycled and recyclable components inside their bags.

How to choose the right sleeping bag. Lower the street, sleeping bag standardization will certainly cause some noticeable alterations in situation and packaging of luggage. But already, to summarize outcomes of potential standards are apparent, acquiring a few manufacturers making early accommodations for strict performance and packaging guidelines.

Easily DONE

Sleeping bag manufacturers have extended designed bags to provide high levels of comfort. But companies seem to get raising contentment quotient to elevated levels by constructing roomier, plus much more luxurious bags. The truly "big bag" remains introduced in recent a few days, offering greater comfort for giant outdoorsmen, including dads, hunters and anglers.

Within the high finish, North Of Manchester Face provides an 88-inch bag known as "Big Cat," which inserts users around 6'8". Coleman's "Tier 1" line, within the Peak 1 division, can also be large by industry standards, fitting users around 6'2" and 6'3".

Within the value finish, Wenzel, a division of yank Entertainment, Corporation., lately introduced some oversized bags which are a spacious 38" x 79", about five inches wider and 4 inches taller than most Wenzel bags.

Based on Lisa Denere Cost, marketing/sales director for American Entertainment, big bags represent the industry's greater need to build for comfort, rather of serve a larger-sized audience. "It's still exactly the same market as before, but merely obtaining a bigger push for further comfort overall," states Cost.


Making trying to find comfort both simpler plus much more versatile, some companies offer created sleeping bag "systems."

Cascade Designs, a extended time business leader in camp mats getting its Therm-A-Rest line, lately introduced a method making the additional easy a pad standard equipment, rather within the selection. Their Synergy System includes bags with reduced insulation and texturized polyester within the base to assist for mats. Mats, offered individually, also fit safely underneath the rectangular and mummy bags within the line.

Mountain Hardware addressed contentment equation getting its Upgrade 20-degree liner, which adds 20 levels of heat obtaining a bag, and doubles just like a stand-alone summer time time time time time time time time time time time bag, acquiring a rating of 45 levels. It's built of just one, quilted layer of Polarguard HV, featuring an insulated collar and draft tube to close out cold air.


Although bags built only for women aren't a new comer to industry, an growing volume of publication rack addressing this niche.

Kelty has manufactured women's bags for each couple of years, nevertheless the company lately updated the "presentation" within the Softouch and Polaris women's bags. The baggage, that have 20 % more insulation by volume than standard bags inside the same temperature rating, will probably be labeled 20 levels greater in comparison with bags' actual temperature rating. For example, Kelty's 20-degree women's Softouch might be a -degree bag.

Based on Scott Cusack, product manager for Kelty, standards will necessitate special constructions for girls. "With standards coming, it is a bigger factor how companies build bags for girls,In . states Cusack. "Women lose heat faster employing their extremities than men, and wish special accommodations."

Sierra Designs offers elevated to complete up part of industry obtaining a couple of women's bags, that's marketing making use of this group with names like "Calamity Jane" and "Annie Oakley." Later on marketing endeavors, the business states it'll "generate gender specifications where it seems sensible.Inch

Furthermore to women, kids are also receiving additional attention from manufacturers. Slumberjack lately introduced a whole-featured child's technical mummy known as "Mountain Rascal." The 20-degree bag includes a Caprolan ripstop lining, Qualofil insulation, an unbiased draft tube along with a "luxurious" hood obtaining a 3-way drawstring--features usually found only on adult, high-finish bags.


Formerly few years, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-choo … ave-stenie most manufacturers have settled into using numerous insulations from prominent fiber-fill suppliers. Companies have essentially selected between Quallofil, Hollofil and MicroLoft from DuPont Polarguard and Polarguard HV from Hoechst Celanese Thinsulate and Lite Loft from 3M and Primaloft from Albany Worldwide.

However, new introductions have lately broadened the insulation picture. Early this summer time time time time time time time time time time time, Albany introduced an update to Primaloft, known as PL2, like answer the market's perception that loft increases warmth. PL2 resembles original Primaloft inside the makeup, but is much more high and light-weight-weight-weight-weight-weight-weight inside the configuration. The insulation, that's less-pricey than Primaloft, are actually built-into bags from Caribou.

Within the eco front, more manufacturers have started incorporating recycled and recyclable synthetic fill into bags. Slumberjack, for instance, lately unveiled bags inside the lower-finish Fire series featuring Ecospun polyester fill from Fortrel.

Within the greater finish, vauDe has launched its EcoLog quantity of bags. The baggage are 100 % recyclable--inside the insulation for the fabric and zippers. Furthermore they've Polarguard 3D, a completely new insulation from Hoescht-Celanese, this is often frequently frequently a recyclable update to Polarguard HV. Based on vauDe, Hoescht Celanese has treated Polarguard HV obtaining a non-plastic based coating, which makes it clever but nonetheless fully recyclable.


When using the company's EcoLog program, that was launched a year ago for apparel, the baggage may be came back to dealers, where they'll then be came back to vauDe for recycling. Presently, there's just one EcoLog bag style, that will retail for $84. But vauDe states you will notice an entire type of EcoLog bags--additionally to packs and camping camping camping camping camping camping camping camping camping camping camping tents--by get.

Who's Confused?

Before the industry's first meeting on sleeping bag standards, the excitement was that lots of much confusion at reason behind purchase necessitated the development of a standardized ratings system.

Within the niche retail level, most dealers agree that confusion may be the situation as customers look for bags that may mean the main among existence and dying. But within the full-line and mass merchant levels, where almost all sleeping-bags are available, dealers say with no confusion exists, which standards are unnecessary.

"There really is not any confusion at the goal of replace regarding this level," states Dean Bender, camping buyer for Sportstown, located in Norcross, GA. "Many of the bags we sell are boxed to temperature rating place them under, which consumers don't have any problem deciphering. I do not see standards as viable, or necessary, making use of this level."

Be grateful otherwise, standards might be passed next few years, and could certainly impact every retail funnel servicing the outside. Another area where standards could most impact retailers is cost.

"Ratings will certainly affect cost," states Greg Schwartz, product specialist/sleep systems, for Cascade Designs. "Dealers will uncover a cost increase with 20-degree bags because companies essentially need to put more insulation incorporated to satisfy a business standard."

Dollars spent by manufacturers for standards testing may also trickle lower into cost. Furthermore to buy cover any "pricey" ASTM standards process, vendors will need to construct $500/per bag tested, if ratings are transported out by Kansas Condition College.

Bag standards may also negatively impact bag construction. The word "Sunday Sample" is extremely a new comer to the sleeping bag market, but remains thrown around in situation you possible fate the could suffer if bag standards are implementedon: https://github.com/campinglife/Sleeping … d-I-Get%3F.

Literally, Sunday Sample describes merchandise that should make grade. In relation to sleeping-bags, meaning bags may ultimately be created to improve the needs within the new-wired, copper mannequin within the testing lab in Kansas, rather within the specific searching for each comfortable nights rest within the trail.

"A universal ratings system frequently takes some autonomy from bag producers they need to not quit,Inch warns Bob Van Dyke, manager within the sleeping bag segment/insulating fibers at DuPont.

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Re: Unable to put icons/shortcuts on desktop

Do you mean regular "double-click to run an app" launcher icons? If so, I just find the app in the Whisper menu, right-click on it, and select "Add to Desktop."


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Re: Unable to put icons/shortcuts on desktop

Hello and welcome.

firosiro wrote:

If I put the desktop into File/launcher mode, I get icons for EVERY file in my home directory...

Sounds like your xdg-dirs config is off. Run the following command to see where xdg thinks your desktop is (probably your home directory):

xdg-user-dir DESKTOP

If it doesn't point to your desktop, run the following to reset it:

xdg-user-dirs-update --set DESKTOP ~/Desktop

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