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Unable to put icons/shortcuts on desktop

Jul 14, 2014 (Premium Times/All Africa Global Media via COMTEX) -- One of the top guns on parade was Saka Suraju, who, in 2004, switched from playing Nigeria to enjoying for Congo Brazzaville. In this exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES, Suraju reluctantly announced that he had no regrets ditching Nigeria for the East African nation ping pong paddle reviews.

PT: Would you please introduce yourself to us?

Suraju: My title is Saka Suraju out of Congo Brazzaville.

PT: Are you a Nigerian?

Suraju: Obviously, I'm still a Nigerian but I play for Congo since I have better chances to compete on behalf of this nation. I was a part of the Nigerian National team but I had been dropped out of representing the nation however well I did during the trials. The Congo found my merits and contacted me via the internet. I went to them, and in 2004 I started competing on behalf of the (Congo).

PT: Six years later on, would you have any doubts? Do wish you had endured with Nigeria?

Suraju: I have no regrets representing Congo; not one. When I played for Nigeria, I never had the opportunity to play in the Olympics but with Congo, I have gone to the Olympics twice.
In Congo, there are not any issues; I've the chance to play in as many competitions I qualify for. I don't need to experience the stress of trusting I would be considered for selection despite having passed trials.


PT: Are you really the only Nigerian playing for Congo?

Suraju: We are just three Nigerians who signify Congo; I, Saka Suraju; Saheed Idowu; and Onyinyechi Nwachukwu.

PT: What's the popularity of Ping pong in Congo?

Suraju: In Congo, soccer and handball were their number one sports but right now, ping pong is also gaining popularity in the nation because we've started to win competitions. Before, in the ping pong world, Congo was not understood in Africa but we're one to see.
The president of the federation at Congo is also a passionate ping pong lover which has helped the athletes best ping pong table.

PT: What will be your advice for any ping pong player nursing the ambition to switch countries?
Suraju: Any player who would like to switch and play for another country has to be powerful and needs to wait for a while. I had to wait around for three years without playing before I became qualified to represent Congo.

PT: When you look at ping pong now and what it used to be if you were playing for Nigeria, has there been some improvements?

Suraju: Tennis has improved in Nigeria because they finally have a fantastic president (Enitan Oshodi) who's now at the helm of affairs. While I was in the nation, Nigeria never hosted a contest of this calibre (Africa Cup), however today they have hosted one. It is actually nice to realize that tennis is improving in the country.

PT: Despite a not too good outing this phrase in comparison to (2013) you still ended your campaign on a winning note finishing tops in the classification duel, how do you feel?


Suraju: I did not feel anything because coming into this game, I was convinced that I'd win. I also had knowledge of my opponent who wasn't as strong as I am; I am really strong. Maybe I have bad fortune; I was supposed to feature in the semi-final or even closing but as it is, things like this happen occasionally.

PT: What is next for you after competing here in Lagos?

Suraju: After this contest, we will be heading to Morocco, then Brazil for the same Pro Tour, then Sudan for the All African tennis. We start to prepare for the All Africa games.

PT: What is your advice to young and upcoming ping pong players?

Suraju: My advice to young people is they ought to be focused, and they will need to practice because there's absolutely no magic in ping pong. If it's possible, one has to be disciplined to clinic three times a day.

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Re: Unable to put icons/shortcuts on desktop

Do you mean regular "double-click to run an app" launcher icons? If so, I just find the app in the Whisper menu, right-click on it, and select "Add to Desktop."


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Re: Unable to put icons/shortcuts on desktop

Hello and welcome.

firosiro wrote:

If I put the desktop into File/launcher mode, I get icons for EVERY file in my home directory...

Sounds like your xdg-dirs config is off. Run the following command to see where xdg thinks your desktop is (probably your home directory):

xdg-user-dir DESKTOP

If it doesn't point to your desktop, run the following to reset it:

xdg-user-dirs-update --set DESKTOP ~/Desktop

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