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#1 2017-09-03 08:49:08

From: Italy
Registered: 2017-03-30
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Working with thunar in other disk it stops

I am write here, 'cause I am using Thunar in Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya.
I have found one problem using thunar:

In my system there are two version of Linux (Linux Mint with XFCE and Debian with Xfce4). These two version are in different disks and sometime I need to work with one of them, but when I try to work deeply in Debian from Linux Mint I notice that Thunar stops to work.I mean that when I try to search deep in the position where is stored the second OS (Debian XFCE installed in other disk) if I search some files, for instance in a Home--->Photos--->cities--->place---> and then I try to click on the file called "magellano.png" thunar in that moment doesn't work. It stops. Therefore I have to close it and then reopen again. Sometime it works in this way but many other not.

Any advices?



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