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#1 2017-12-21 06:12:35

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Help!!!! NO BIOS!! Going crazy!!

Was using the regular xfce gui , then I pressed ctrl alt f2 on debian stable xfce, and my computer just died. I cannot access the bios. I have some extremely sensitive data, i am in panic. I cannot boot a cd or anything, as soon as i press f2 on the bios it just gives me a blank screen. I had messed around with the display configuration files before, however everything was working fine until i pressed ctrl alt f2 and then it got stuck after i typed exit and enter because i did not want to be in that shell.

How do i get it to give me boot options, boot from a cd, or give me a bios at least? Wth is this?? I try putting the install cds so it boots from cds and it just does not give me the debian installer!!!! Cd rom was working fine. Hiw can i get my super important sensitive programming data that i was working on for the past year??


#2 2017-12-23 19:33:41

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Re: Help!!!! NO BIOS!! Going crazy!!

This is either a sudden hardware problem or an issue with debian, not Xfce.  Find a debian help forum and ask there.  Good luck!

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#3 2018-01-11 09:53:53

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Re: Help!!!! NO BIOS!! Going crazy!!

ctrl+alt+f2. Will not damage your computer. All it does is drop you down to a login shell. ctrl+alt+f7 gets you back to your gui screen. If your computer just died, & will not boot, that suggests a hardware problem, although why it happened then is a mystery. How old is your computer? And did you follow the no.1 rule of backing up your data?
  If you cannot even access your bios then you may have a problem. Just to mention, your window of opportunity to enter bios is very small, after shutdown, when powering on you need to press F2 (assuming F2 is what reveals your bios) immediately & keep on pressing until your options appear, then set "boot from CDROM" at the top of the boot order, in bios.

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#4 2018-01-13 05:06:30

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Re: Help!!!! NO BIOS!! Going crazy!!

Remove your hard drive from the pc and install it on another pc, then try booting, if it doesn't start, boot with usb live and copy your precious works to p. ex another usb.At the same time check your pc at hardware level, I think Sideburns is right. learn to make external backups from time to time as Speartip says and control a little your "panic"... except death everything in life has a solution ;-).


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