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#1 2018-01-13 22:22:23

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Running files and folders through Whisker menu or another panel app

Basically like the behaviour in Windows where if you type a partial path it shows a preview in the menu and maybe suggestions for completing the path. Now of course if I wanted behaviour exactly like that the system would have to constantly index the file system for quick searching, which would make the computer slow. I DONT WANT THAT! I only want it to show files in the folder I have typed down.

Which is to say, say I have written ~/stuff/art/  the menu would display thumbs/icons of the files in said folder, just like thunar or any other file manager does, but of course in the menu. Also if I type any further key, it should narrow down the results and provide some manner of autocomplete if low enough files are selected. Say I then type ~/stuff/art/d  then it would only show the files/directories starting with d. etc And obviously if I complete the name of a file and press enter it should launch that file. So if I type ~/stuff/art/dragon.jpg or click its icon it would open the default image viewer with said file.

DISREGARD THE LONG TEXT. IN FACT Thunar's path textbox behaviour is exactly what I want. Just it should have larger icons.

Now EXACTLY this type of behaviour isnt necessary of course if such an app doesent exist, hopefully I made it clear ROUGHLY what I want...some details could be different etc

It appears the Whisker menu does not have this feature (maybe some day I or someone else adds the feature to Whisker, anyways...). So obviously what I am looking for is some other menu app that adds itself to the panel and which I can associate a convenient shortcut with.  Since Thunar almost does what I want, may be some way to add it to panel and change preview icon size?

Any ideas?

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#2 2018-01-14 05:04:01

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Re: Running files and folders through Whisker menu or another panel app

I don't think that functionality currently exists for a search function that returns both applications and files in Xfce.

xfdashboard __may__ be able to do that as of version 0.5.5 where it added support for Gnome Search Providers. However I've never tested this.

If you are looking for this functionality specifically in Whisker Menu, you will need to create an enhancement report at the bug tracker (link in header of this page).


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