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#1 2018-07-02 13:10:22

From: Virginia
Registered: 2018-06-27
Posts: 3

Hello everyone...

This is my first experience with XFCE and to a certain degree Linux too.
I started out with Windows, well technically my first experience with a computer was with a Commodore 64 back in the day.
Anyway one day after dealing with Windows for to many years I finally transitioned to my first Linux distro Linux Mint
and haven't had any regrets since. I look forward to learning a lot and hopefully I will also be able to contribute to the Linux/XFCE community myself....


#2 2018-07-02 13:54:16

From: Canada
Registered: 2011-06-02
Posts: 4,421

Re: Hello everyone...

Hello and welcome to the forums and the community. Xfce welcomes all and any contributions.

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