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#1 2018-11-02 13:10:55

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Show favicon in panel list instead of browser icon?

I work with dual screens and multi-task several jobs at once. So I'll tend to have a several Chrome instances running, with multiple tabs in each.

So - for example, I will often have Lastpass open in a chrome window on its own, and I'll often refer to it for secure notes. Rather than remembering which of 6+ Chrome icons on the panel is the lastpass one - it would be wonderful if I had an option to see the lastpass logo.

Does anyone know of an option or plug in to achieve this?


#2 2018-11-02 16:24:20

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Re: Show favicon in panel list instead of browser icon?

Greetings, and welcome!

I have been using LP for years (and its secure notes, too), and had looked for that very "feature" you're looking for, without success (Note: i have a large collection of shortcuts to URLs that i'd like to identify by/with their favicons.) So i devised the workaround described below; a bit clumsy, i must admit, but it works for me.

Harvesting those favicons is discussed at length @ https://switchgeek.com/3-ways-download-favicon-website/ ... The best way, for my needs, anyway, was solution #3 that's using a google-facility to "retrieve" those icons. Then its simply a question of saving and organizing them (ie in your local ~/.icons folder).

At that point you have to choices:
1a) on your desktop, right-click and chose the "Create URL link" option to create a shortcut with the desired website's URL, then fill in the rest of the fields incl. the desired icon, save & test that new launcher; followed by 1b) drag/drop that new launcher into an new, empty launcher on your panel; or ...
2) create a new chrome-launcher on your panel passing it the desired URL as parameter, then fill in the rest of the fields and assign the desired icon as in #1, above.

Alas, ime those icons aren't all that pretty, but they do get the job done (for me at least).

Cheers, m4a

PS: when (re)testing the above workarounds in Firefox, i noticed that #1 will open such launcher-URLs in new tabs, not new windows (that's my own preference if FF, btw). When testing #2, i had to to add the "-new-window" switch to FF's command line.

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