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#1 2018-11-07 17:40:38

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Remove Drive in Devices Pane in Thunar

I have an Acer Chromebook 15 (CB3-532, Intel Braswell) turned "Linuxbook" (GalliumOS).  With the limited internal storage, I am using the SD card slot to 'permanently' extend my storage.  Initially, I used the external SD card as /home (mounted in fstab). 

However, I was having significant issues with speed/lag (I had similar problems with another Chromebook->Linuxbook) so with this new laptop I tried something different: I only used the external SD card for my documents (mounted in fstab as /home/garth/Documents).  My thinking is that the bus speed for the external SD card is not as fast as the internal storage -- and there seems to be a speed improvement.  The only time I needed to use this drive was when I was explicitly accessing files I needed.  [note: The lag issues often revolved around Chrome.  Perhaps as it cached data from multiple open websites, it was faster for hidden files in the users home directory (which were on the internal storage) than the external SD card (which was a fast, class 10, card)]

The problem is that if you mount a drive in Thunar (or other file managers), even at start up (in fstab), it shows in the Device pane.  I am concerned that I might accidentally unmount this 'permanent' drive.  I want to remove this drive (or make it 'invisible') from Thunar.  Any suggestions?


#2 2018-11-08 01:07:30

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Re: Remove Drive in Devices Pane in Thunar

This Arch wiki article discusses how to hide partitions. This will work with both thunar and xfdesktop. You'll need to follow the directions specific to the udisks version you have. Also note that the configuration file locations may be different for your distro.


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