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#1 2019-08-12 23:28:34

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About cursors..

I noticed a few things I don't like or find weird:
- xfconf-query can not set cursors for already open QT apps.
- Sometimes systemsettings5 (only the GUI for some reason..) from KDE devs can set the cursor for both QT and Gtk apps running under Xfce even if they are already open..
- xfconf-query is extremly slow. It can only change the cursor around half a second
- xfconf-query does requiere you to set a different theme if you changed the look of the theme you are currently using and you want the changes to be displayed
- Sometimes applying the theme again is needed even when you only want to change the cursor size

So why is this relevant to me?
Actually I want to have a inverted cursor (it performs the XOR operation to invert the colors behind it)
So since xfconf-query is way to slow (also would have been a hacky work-around anyways because it would have constantly written newly created images to the drive) Xlib seems to be the way to go. So.. does somebody know how I can set a cursor for all open windows with Xlib (or maybe better for the window the cursor is above if that takes less processing time)?


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