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#1 2019-12-04 02:32:11

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fontconfig and xresources/xft precedence

Hello, I'm messing around with customizing fonts and their settings to get something I like. I have created the ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf file and can get the system to respect it's settings MOST of the time. However I'm having trouble with applying settings to specific fonts. For example I have the Microsoft TTF fonts installed and I prefer the Arial font to not be anti aliased, so I have the following inside my fonts.conf:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">

  <match target="pattern">
    <test name="family" qual="any">
    <edit name="hinting" mode="assign">
    <edit name="autohint" mode="assign">
    <edit name="antialias" mode="assign">


However, this has no effect on the Arial font. Using <match target="font">... to apply settings to global fonts "mostly" works.

I'm wondering how XFCE uses precedence over the settings you have set in the Appearance dialog, vs the fonts.conf file. I'm guessing the dialog sets through xft? I googled this and seen that you can use a ~/.Xresources file to also apply global font settings.

Another oddity is that if I disable Anti-Aliasing in the Appearance dialog, but have it enabled through fonts.conf, the Window titles get Anti-aliased, however all other fonts are aliased.

It's like fonts.conf and the Appearance dialog settings are fighting over which settings are being applied correctly.

Is there a way I get somehow disable this contention and always have the system respect only fonts.conf?

I'm on Xubuntu btw. Hopefully someone can shine some light onto what's going on.

Appreciate any help,


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