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#1 2006-08-15 17:00:15

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Need issue's resolved to continue using xfce4 or it's back to Gnome

Well really like but have tried everything goolge and all the xfce related sites I could find with no solutions to my issue's.

1) Have three instances of nm-applet running on startup even have closed all and removed process from system process and save sessions on exit. Guess what they run again. This dosn't happen with any other wm's.

2) Can't position gdesklets or text file icon to edge. Yes can get them to the bottom right edge on 2nd monitor but on re logon they are about an inch from the bottom and right edge. And the clock  one I position to the upper left corner on first monitor and on reboot it goes to the second monitor bottom right where I have the other two gdesklets. This dosn't happen in gnome.

And can't get  text file icon closer than inch to edge. When I click and drag ther is this big 1"x1" rectangle that moves with cursor which is the placement rectangle. But why if the icon is one third this size have to have such a huge chunk to move and place one dinky icon?

I hope this can be fixed because I Really!,REALLY did I say Really like xfce4 and would love to have it for my default.

Thanks for any help in resolving these issue's


#2 2006-08-17 06:11:06

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Re: Need issue's resolved to continue using xfce4 or it's back to Gnome

You have probably more luck if you try the xfce users mailinglist.


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