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#1 2006-10-17 07:37:00

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Mouse pointer gets stuck on left screen edge

Hi, I am running XFCE4.2.3.2 with xorg-7.0-r1 on gentoo 2006.1 with Xinerama-1.0.1.  Randomly when using XFCE4 my mouses pointer will get stuck on the left side of the leftmost screen, I find it happens most frequently when im tweaking options in the graphical menus.  I have already changed my mice; I initall had a wireless mouse in the PS/2 slot using a USB to PS/2 converter, have since switched to a MS optical mouse in the converter and am presently now using the MS optical USB style.  Swapping to the MS optical mouse in USB caused this issue to occour slightly less often however It still manages to pop up after using XFCE4 for an hour or 2.

Anyone have an similar issues?


#2 2006-12-03 07:08:34

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Re: Mouse pointer gets stuck on left screen edge

Hi, Sorry I'm replying to a very old post. I am using XFCE 4.4RC2 under slackware linux 10.2

I'm basically having the same problem. Very randomly my mouse skip-hop-jumps into the corner of the screen (not necessarily on the left hand side though...). Anyone else have the same problem or have a solution for it?


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