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#1 2009-10-02 16:50:07

From: Idaho
Registered: 2005-12-25
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New Features/Suggestions Thread!

Any suggestions, problems etc can all be posted here. What's needed to keep you a Xfce Forum regular?!

New Features:
User Avatars: Several on the server+external links (sorry, no user uploads)
QuickReply: Allows "Quick Replies" on Topics
NiceToolTips:  On mouseover on Topics are shown in a "Nice Tooltip"
LastVisit: Shows the last time you visited

Languages: French, German, Italian, Norwegian & Spanish
Profile-> Account Related Settings-> Preferred Language
Missing one? Check http://download.simplemachines.org/?languages and Suggest it!

Themes: Several installed, doing more as time permits.
Profile-> Look and Layout Preferences-> Click "change"

I believe everything else is pretty much taken care of from the older Thread, if not please repost!


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