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#1 2011-03-30 22:53:57

From: Camarillo, CA
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Hello, there!

I'm a long-time Linux user who's getting very disenchanted with Gnome.  Every new version seems to be less and less customizable as though the Gnome devs think that everybody wants their desktop to look, act and sound like theirs.  (I'm not saying they do, just that it looks like that to me.)  This new Gnome Shell looks like it's going to be the last straw for me  because it forces you to do things in a way that looks almost completely opposite to the way I've worked for the last fifteen years so I'm getting ready to jump ship and move to XFCE if I can get it working close enough to how I want.  I have, btw, both a desktop and a laptop, so there's lots of room for experimentation, and I'm looking forward to lots of fun as I learn my way around this new (to me) DE.  I expect to be posting questions here, but it can't hurt to introduce myself.

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#2 2011-03-31 07:54:45

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Re: Hello, there!

Hi, Sideburns.

I jumped ship from Gnome to Xfce for the same reason more than a year ago. I found a big increase in DE speed and an even bigger improvement in configurability (more things possible) and ease of configuration (easy to realise the possibilities). After checking out all the Xfce tweaks and trying various layouts, I wound up with the first desktop I was completely comfortable with, after decades of putting up with what some designer thought I should look at and interact with. I haven't upgraded to 4.8 from 4.6.2 (in Debian Squeeze) - not because I believe that 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', but because my particular tweaking of 4.6.2 is damn near perfect for me as user.


#3 2011-03-31 23:16:08

From: Santa Fe, NM, USA
Registered: 2010-03-05
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Re: Hello, there!

Welcome to the Xfce Desktop Environment and the Xfce Forums.

I have been an Xfce fanatic almost since my day 1 with Linux.

I have every Linux OS-distro that uses Xfce by default.  tongue

I really like the new Xfce-4.8 (works well with my Debian 6, still set to 'stable') and my LMDE-Xfce edition. (Mint-Debian)


#4 2011-03-31 23:41:45

From: Israel
Registered: 2008-10-13
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Re: Hello, there!

Hi, Sideburns. Welcome to the Xfce forum.

I was going back and forth between Gnome and Xfce for a while, because every time there was a new version of Gnome I wanted to see what's new. But in the end an upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04 broke my Gnome session. It was good to see that Xfce was still working fine, and I stayed with it ever since (with Mint 9 and Debian Squeeze). Xfce is simple and good, just the way I like my software.

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