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#1 2011-11-23 22:32:18

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thunar, gphoto2, tumbler interactions

Hi, I always connected my father's camera, Canon A480, to my PC without problems (using Gnome 2.32)

Today I used his newly installed pc, with Xubuntu 11.10, and it was not working out of the box.

1) gthumb didn't see camera (this is OT here)
2) gimp see camera in open file dialog sidebar
3) camera is NOT present in thunar sidebar
4) shotwell works, but I'd like to just browse my photos

I installed gvfs-backends and, in volume management, set as action for photos

bash -c "thunar gphoto2://[$(gphoto2 --auto-detect | awk 'END {print $4}' )]"

It seems to work, but thunar stays frozen for a couple of minutes, I see using top that tumblerd is running, and until it finishes, there's no way to use thunar.

Is there a way to selectively disable tumbler for non-local files , or anyway a better method to solve this?

EDIT: problem is observed only with MANY photos... For "some" photos, it works well...

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