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#1 2014-05-13 12:08:44

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a second issue whit Icons...

Hello again,

Here is my last posting for a issue it only looks like the same?!

But now, my new Icon Problem looks a bit different.

On Whezzy an XFCE i (will) use the Tango Icon Theme (installed by apt-get - no foreign source)

If I start Thunar (v.: 1.2.3) all Icons have the Tango Theme, *except*: Downloads, Bilder and Dokumente (I have a German Lang. XFCE Desktop) This 3 Folders have always! Gnome Icons. If I use [F2] (rename) the folder to the English spelling, example: rename Dokumente to Documents  The Engl. Spelling Folder name have the Tango Icon Theme. Only the German Translation don't have Tango?!

Another strange behavior shows the Folder(name) Downloads. I make a new Folder call:downloads (Tango Icon Theme) I delete the Folder Downloads (Gnome Icon Theme) an rename downloads (whit Tango Icon) to Downloads. The Folder name whit capitalization "d" brings back the Gnome Icon.

Hint: I rename Bilder (Gnome Icon) to bilder -> i have a Tango Icon, rename whit "B" -> back to Gnome ?!

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