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#1 2012-12-04 18:46:19

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Proxydriver / auto proxy settings

This is how you configure systemwide proxy settings for XFCE:
http://superuser.com/questions/357688/h … linux-xfce

However, how do I get this to update according to whichever network I am connected to. I don't want to have to grant root and edit /etc/environment everytime I plug I switch home vs work networks.

I think there is a tool for this in Gnome called proxydriver. I can't see this in my package manager (equo search proxydriver or emerge --search proxydriver) though and I'm not sure if this would work with XFCE.


#2 2015-03-04 03:24:26

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Re: Proxydriver / auto proxy settings

I have similar requirement:
My DHCP server broadcasts WPAD/PAC url, so proxy can be configured automatically per different network. However, xfce does not have this feature therefore does not read from DHCP.
Do we have a future plan?

KDE and GNOME both support it.
https://docs.kde.org/cgi-bin/desktopdig … le&q=proxy
https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-help … xy.html.en



#3 2015-03-04 11:43:50

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Re: Proxydriver / auto proxy settings

There is some information in this bug report on thoughts regarding global proxy configuration. It sure would be a nice feature to implement.

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#4 2015-03-04 13:04:19

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Re: Proxydriver / auto proxy settings

I am not persuaded that this belongs in the DE as opposed to some dedicated application such as NetworkManager or Wicd.

We use the former and have had no problems of any kind with proxy configs reported.

MX-17 (based on Debian Stable) with Xfce 4.12.


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