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#1 2016-05-26 06:00:11

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Set Minimum Column and/or Window Width in GTK2


I am working on getting the Arc theme to work a bit better on my HDPI screen.  I've taken advantage of the larger window controls in a fork on Github, and also set the font DPI to be much larger.

However, this introduces a set of issues, and I wonder which of these can be remedied via the theming:

1.  Due to the larger fonts, many windows when rendered are much too small.  Is there a way to specify (an optionally minimum) width/height geometry with GTK2 styles for windows?  I'd imagine this would be most helpful as an apps.rc rule if it were.
2.  Is it possible to apply a margin/padding to text elements inside GTK2 apps?  Most UIs seem crowded as the larger fonts come much closer to e.g. window borders, other inputs, etc.
3.  In particular, columns are much too small.  For example, Thunar's tree view is so skinny you barely get a few letters before the file/folder names scroll right out of the view.  Then, you must drag the tree view column to the right so as to resize it appropriately.  Is it possible to apply a minimum width to columns such as this?

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#2 2016-05-26 16:33:48

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Re: Set Minimum Column and/or Window Width in GTK2

Hello and welcome.

1. I don't believe this option exists in GTK2 (I could be mistaken though). You could use devilspie and a .ds file like this:

     (geometry "1280x1024")

...to force all windows to open at a initial size of 1280x1024. Adjust that value as needed.

2. Text padding can be adjusted using xthickness and ythickness values. This snippet:

style "extra-padding"
   xthickness = 20
   ythickness = 20
class "GtkWidget" style "extra-padding"

...will add a 20 pixel padding around all elements. If you want only certain widgets (labels, buttons), you can replace GtkWidget with the specific widget name (e.g. GtkButton, GtkLabel, etc). Put multiple widget names on multiple lines. If you are tweaking an existing theme, look for these values in the gtk-2.0/* files.

3. There is a thunar setting, "last-separator-position" which is saved. The separator is the vertical line between the tree-view pane on the left and the main pane on the right. You can drag and move this separator to show more of the treeview pane. Its position will be saved for future instances of thunar. I am unaware of a property or style to set the size for all TreeView objects.


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