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#1 2019-05-23 04:07:36

From: Argentina
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Hi from South America

Hello fellow Xfcers!

Recently I rescued an old MacBook Pro 17" from a friend (he had it abandoned in an old attic, display was smashed into pieces!) but after some cleanup, new ssd disk, ram upgrade I decided to install Linux (MacOS X although running fairly speedy was lacking updates and thus severely limited in many aspects).So after a whole week battle against Apple's EFI mode (this particulary MBP has GeForce 8600 which was totally useless with any drivers) I formated the whole disk in MBR so it boots into BIOS mode and thus allowing full 2D acceleration, sound, wifi and all the hardware goodies, and then decided to put Ubuntu-Server with minimal software and on top of that Xfce4 which runs perfectly!
I took another day to fully customize it with BeOS R5 looks, complete with Haiku icons, fonts and a nice Smooth events sound theme, so I can tell it was very well worth the effort!

Cheers to everyone, Im now a happy Xfce user!


!# (no comments wink


#2 2019-05-23 06:56:43

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Re: Hi from South America

Yeah, Xfce makes you and your computers happy, often... Welcome!


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