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#1 2019-09-10 17:01:38

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Remove week numbers from calendar used by xfce4-datetime-plugin

Trying to answer a user question. I see in the gtk calendar display options that it is possible, since this option is mentioned:

"show-week-numbers"	Read-Write	If True, week numbers are displayed.

I can't find a flat file with an easy way to change the default value of "True" (didn't really expect to) so do I need to paste in yet another snippet of code? If yes, it would be really nice if the Preferences dialogue would just give the poor suffering user a tab "Calendar" which put in a couple of the most common: day to start the week, hide/show display of week numbers, etc.

[I know, I know: make an enhancement request]

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#2 2019-09-10 20:59:39

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Re: Remove week numbers from calendar used by xfce4-datetime-plugin

Unfortunately, it's hard-coded: https://git.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce … ime.c#n285:

display_options = GTK_CALENDAR_SHOW_HEADING |

So does the clock plugin. Orage, on the other hand, has an option to hide week numbers.


You can also use the genmon plugin and yad to achieve something similar. Use the following script:


# the date format on the panel
d=$(date '+%l:%M%P')

# the date format in the tooltip

# the app to run when the data is clicked
a="yad --calendar --geometry +1673+0 --no-buttons --undecorated --close-on-unfocus --skip-taskbar"

# the genmon command
echo "<txt>$d</txt><txtclick>$a</txtclick><tool>$d</tool>"

...and set the plugin with the following parameters:

  • Command = /path/to/script

  • label unchecked

  • Period = 1s



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