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#1 2019-11-24 09:31:52

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Waking from suspend is very slow

For as long as I've been using Ubuntu Studio (which ships with XFCE 4), it takes a very long time to get a login screen after waking a suspended session. That is:

1. Wake from suspend (open the computer lid, or if it's already open, hit the space bar).

2. Wait. Keep moving the mouse pointer, just in case it thinks user input is idle.

3. Sometimes 5, sometimes 10, sometimes even 15 seconds later, I finally get the login screen.

Every other system I've used, wake from sleep asks for the password within one second.

Any ideas what is going on?

(Note that this is not "no login screen after waking" -- I do get the login screen, but after a considerable delay.)

EDIT few hours later: Just now it was more like 20 seconds, and the ThinkPad's touchpad is dead. So I'll have to reboot. This is getting tiresome.


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#2 2019-11-24 16:09:51

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Re: Waking from suspend is very slow

To be honest, suspend isn't really an Xfce function - it is something that is handled by the kernel and distro of your choice. Yes, Xfce can kick off the process, but the whole suspend/resume cycle is really outside the scope of Xfce.

To help you narrow down the issue, you should review your system logs. On a systemd based system, that would be the journal. For example, and to keep the logs entries minimal, on a fresh boot and login, suspend/resume the computer and then run:

sudo journalctl -b 0 --no-pager > /tmp/journal.log

...and review the /tmp/journal.log file to look for errors or delays (note the timestamp entries for the suspend start and suspend exit actions - especially shortly after the suspend exit).


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