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#1 2020-05-12 12:50:48

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XFCE Has a Broken Vital Libary (unlike KDE and LxQt)


There's a general problem with XFCE. Xfce is using outdated (at least 20 years old outdated) library to display images. Neither Thunar nor Ristretto can display images like .webp or .jpg with arythmetical coding (20 y.o. standard). Its a shame. You have emtpy boxes in Thunar (no thubmbnails) and Ristretto can't display them skipping to the next picture.

KDE has qt-libimageformats library and Gwenview and Dolphin as well as Lximage-qt and PCManFM-qt (form LxQt DE) can display photos and pics without any problem. Only XFCE is broken. Either stop using deprecated (as in abandoned for years) library or switch to a library that works (systemwide, so pic aware software can use that one libary- like for example Lock Screen and SDDM in KDE can bothe use .webp using qt-imageformats. So can Gwenview and Dolphin and various system settings...). My proposition would be to use Image Magic systemwide as a backend for all photos and pictures. Fast, reliable and not deprecated. All software in XFCE could use it as backend and there would be no hiccups or refusal to display an image. And no .webp is not exotic.

Other advantages of shared libary for the systemwide usage:

If you use uncompressed photo and compress it normally with .webp to your screen resolution it looks the same as .jpg but is smaller and lock screen can use it and "sddm"/"gdm"/"lightDM" can use it (if not they should), and pic viewer can display it and file manager can display it. And then sytem is faster because it doesn't have to load big photos for login or display it as wallpaper.

Expected Result:

Xfce dispays arythmetically coded .jpg and .webp images out of the box. Everywhere.

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#2 2020-05-12 20:19:08

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Re: XFCE Has a Broken Vital Libary (unlike KDE and LxQt)

A few comments to address your post:

  1. Thumbnails are created using the tumbler daemon. This daemon now supports custom thumbnailers. You can enable webp thumbnailing using the process noted at the this link

  2. Tumbler is able to currently thumbnail arithmetically coded jpgs out of the box

  3. Ristretto appears to lack support for these. You should file a bug report against ristretto.


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