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#1 2020-05-20 23:43:48

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XFCE4 or xfwm4 loses focux

I use xfce4 with xfwm4 on a dual-monitor setup.  I have several workspaces defined.  For the last month or so (perhaps a little bit longer), I started to notice that after being on for some time after a reboot, I start losing focus on windows.  My setup is focus-follows-mouse but after a while, the focus is lost when I move the mouse to another window.  Furthermore if I try to move or resize any window, nothing happens.

Strangely, if I switch to another workspace, things are working fine and if I switch back to the original workspace where the issue first appeared, focus and resize both work fine.  But after a few keystroke, I am back without focus.

The issue is stranger because after a reboot, it takes quite a while for the problem to manifest itself, but once it does, even logging out and back in again does not solve it.

This is really making it impossible to use xfce4.  I wonder if anyone has ever experienced anything like this.



#2 2020-05-21 10:53:49

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Re: XFCE4 or xfwm4 loses focux

Hello and welcome to the forum.

If you reload Xfwm, does it help? (Just a hunch, from reading the Xfwm bug tracker):

xfwm4 --replace

Anyway, tell us the version of Xfce/Xfwm you're using:

xfwm4 -V

And someting more about your system:

inxi -SMGz


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