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#1 2020-07-29 20:47:51

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How to lock icon position on Mint18/Xfce desktop

Now that I enjoy a much LARGER & WIDER screen... this little "inconvience" has become a LARGER problem.
Plus... Mother-in-law's NEW touch-screen laptop / MINT / Xfce is un-usable !     She hates it !
... this little "inconvience" has suddenly become a  HIGH-PRIORITY  problem.

I have read too many Linux-how-to postings that simply don't work.
We need a icon-position-lock function to prevent the scrambling of icons on the desktop.

The M-in-L is from the old school, where you kept everything, organised, on your desk.
( translate: MS Windows 95.98.ME.NT.2000.XP7.8.9.10~ desktops )
Some oldsters (like me) also utilized the desktop drag&drop for FiFo filing. (First Inbox --> First Outbox).

None of this is possible if the icons are scrambled.   

Your help is appreciated - please reply.
How to lock  icon  position  on Mint18/Xfce desktop


#2 2020-08-01 20:10:34

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Re: How to lock icon position on Mint18/Xfce desktop

Just integrate nemo and use it as desktop manager instead of xfdesktop.

You have to add xfdesktop to ignored-desktop-handlers.
You can do it by installing dconf editor.

However you are going to have to work on some other stuff.
I'm using nemo myself, it is much better and does support undo actions on file manager, thunar does not keep any log of copy paste stuff so it's impossible on its current state.

Edit: Reading it again, i don't think nemo supports locking icons where you want. It can lock icons by sorting (name, size, type or date) and you have no control on position. If that works for you go ahead.

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