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#1 2020-09-15 21:10:11

Registered: 2020-09-15
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Wallpaper long load

Hello everyone.  I have been a very long-time user of XFCE.  not sure why I haven't registered in the forums until now??  Anyway,

Whenever I open up xfdesktop-settings to choose another wallpaper, it takes a very long time before all of my images are shown as thumbnails.  These images don't change, while I do occasionally add to them.  Granted, I am a wallpaper junkie, so I have roughly 2 thousand images in there, but it seems to have to generate the thumbnails every time.  Why would it not remember them?

I looked at a related thread that was already marked solved, so I chose to open this new thread rather than hi-jack that one. 

I did check that I have tumbler installed.  I do not have this thumbnail generation (at the time I open it) in other place and all thumbnails are found where I would expect them to be. 

Could it be that this is the intended behavior of xfdesktop-settings?  I have had this issue in both 19.10 and 20.04

nowell@lad~ $ uname -a
Linux lad 5.4.0-47-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 4 19:50:52 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
nowell@lad~ $ cat /proc/version
Linux version 5.4.0-47-generic (buildd@lcy01-amd64-014) (gcc version 9.3.0 (Ubuntu 9.3.0-10ubuntu2)) #51-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 4 19:50:52 UTC 2020
nowell@lad~ $ cat /etc/*release*
nowell@lad~ $

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#2 2020-09-15 23:13:38

From: Canada
Registered: 2011-06-02
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Re: Wallpaper long load

Hello and welcome.

There have been a number of attempts over the years to optimize the loading of wallpaper. See the optimize loading... entries at https://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfdesktop/log … =wallpaper.

It might just be a result of the number of wallpapers. If you'd like a developer to have another look, creating a new issue report would be the way to go.


#3 2020-09-15 23:17:10

Registered: 2020-09-15
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Re: Wallpaper long load

Thank you very much!  I will have a look at the link.


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