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#1 2020-10-06 23:45:06

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partiton not shown in thunar

hi all, I can't handle to have all my partition shown as device in thunar - Right clicking on the item devices I don't have a complete list.

I checked all the rules listed by the following command:

find /{run,etc,etc/init.d,lib}/udev -type f -exec egrep  -l -i -e 'UDISK' {} \; 

and the only rules enabled by default hide gpt and recovery partitions (of type ntfs)

The missing partion of type ext4 is mounted correctly as follows

/dev/sda2 on /mnt/fogna type ext4 (rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime)

configurated by /etc/fstab:

UUID=ff6d... /mnt/fogna	  ext4	  rw,nodev,noexec,nouser,nosuid,async,noatime 	0	2

I also checked the files .config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/thunar.xml  and the hidden partitions are of type ntfs

<channel name="thunar" version="1.0">
  <property name="hidden-devices" type="array">
    <value type="string" value="3440..."/>
    <value type="string" value="0CFC...."/>

blkid | egrep -e '\W(344|0CFC)'
... UUID="3440..." TYPE="ntfs" PARTLABEL="Basic data partition" ...
... UUID="0CFC..." TYPE="ntfs" PARTLABEL="Basic data partition" ...

what do i miss?
is udisk2 or other api required by thunar?
is there a configuration directive to set the thunar "devices"?
do i need to flag the mount point with some label using fstab or systemd?


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#2 2020-10-07 00:05:25

Registered: 2020-10-06
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Re: partiton not shown in thunar

sorry for the stupid questions I solved adding the flag x-gvfs-show


#3 2020-10-07 01:35:28

Registered: 2019-04-19
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Re: partiton not shown in thunar

Hi fusillator,

That wasn't a stupid question at all! We don't know the answers to these things until we do. And I certainly wouldn't have been able to answer this one.

I'm glad you got it figured out, and nice work doing it yourself. smile

EDIT: And welcome to the forum! smile

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