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#1 2020-10-07 18:56:50

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I'm trying to get the 'net stations that I've paid for on SiriusXM to play on my linux box. Yes, they play fine using a browser ... so I do know that I'm not missing anything all that important smile

But, when I search I find that about the only recommendation is to use the flatpak nuvola program to get this running. Unfortunately, when I try to add nuvola to my flatpak I just get a variety of errors ... and the instructions I find are for distros like Ubunutu 16, etc.

So, anyone here have success?


#2 2020-10-07 23:45:13

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Re: SiriusXM


#3 2020-10-07 23:57:09

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Re: SiriusXM

Yes, that is one I did try smile

   bob$ flatpak install nuvola eu.tiliado.NuvolaAppSiriusxm
   Looking for matches…
   error: Unable to load summary from remote nuvola: GPG verification enabled, but no summary
   found (check that the configured URL in remote config is correct)

I'm really not understanding all this. It says on the same page:

  1. Install Flatpak and add Nuvola Apps repository.

I assume (bad move!) that this is done and working.

   bob$ flatpak remotes
   Name    Options
   flathub system
   nuvola  system

So, it should know about nuvola?


    bob$ flatpak run eu.tiliado.NuvolaAppSiriusxm
    error: app/eu.tiliado.NuvolaAppSiriusxm/x86_64/master not installed

Which is leading me to think that eu.tiliado.NuvolaAppSiriusxm is the problem?

Obviously I don't know enough about flatpak!


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