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#1 2020-12-04 11:11:45

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Change Display default "Mirror Displays" to off?

My use case for dual screens is one big desktop, as opposed to a secondary display like a projector or a laptop with extra screen.  So the HDMI cables for my monitors will never be unplugged in daily use.

Sometimes I need to physically power off the monitors, and when they come back they cause the display settings to revert to default. From reading up it's something to do with the wake signals over HDMI etc. But I end up with mirrored, and I have to manually switch back.

I can see why defaulting Mirror Displays to on would be preferable for people with projectors etc., but where I will never pull a HDMI cable, the opposite better for me.

I could try and write a script which changes the setting every time I log in, but that would seem clunky. My perfect workaround for this would be to change the system default for Mirror Displays to always have a starting default of OFF. 

Any ideas where I could look to change this please?

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