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#1 2020-12-26 17:16:41

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open SUSE nixie clock port

Hello fellow xfce goers,
I am a big fan of the xfce desktop as it is really lightweight and fast. I currently use it o my second computer, a raspi 3b+ built on opensuse.
I have tested the lxqt and other desktop enviroment but have found them to be a bit slow and laggy so I stick to the xfce image but there is one thing I would change. I WANT THE GREEN NIXIE CLOCK WIGET FROM THE ENLIGHTENMENT10 (E10) DESKTOP BAR. personly I love this and want it to be ported but I personaly hate the ui of the e10 de so if any of you have a widget or app which does this, I will be verry happy but remember to port it over for aarch64 (arm on arch 64 bit) so I can use it smile


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